Friday, March 28, 2014

Bahia Honda State Park

Seemed to be the park of the birds. I know this is a woodpecker - that was in the Butterfly garden. He was sharing a bath with a mourning dove in these rocks.

Intricate spider webs also adorned the Butterfly garden with spiders just hanging around.

And the beautiful cardinal - followed us when we moved camps. I'm going with that. He came by and sang to us late in the evening.

Also a beautiful sunset by the old tressel bridge.

I have to look in my birdbook which is MIA on what type of bird this fellow is. He was quite bold and inquisitive landing in our campsite.

An onlooker from the trees - not quite so bold but lovely all the same.

And this guy was guarding the entrance of the Butterfly garden.

And this little dude was the greeter at the entrance and/or exit at the other end of the Butterfly gardens.

What you will not see is any Butterflies in the Butterfly Garden. Obviously
they didn't get the memo that that's where they're supposed to hang.

Its another lovely state park surrounded by water and beautiful sandy beaches. It's 
a lovely place to bike around and the campsites are nicely sized and somewhat private.


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