Sunday, March 2, 2014

Torreya State Park

Yay!!! The RV is finally fixed so we headed north to see our favorite youngest son. That is the view from our campsite. It was beautiful and peaceful. This is on our list to return. The only downside was that the sites were kinda tight and there was no privacy. However, we did scope out a couple of primo sites that will fit that bill for next time.

Tom and Shane watching orange peel sizzle when touched by a flame. Like that needed to be shared. Males.

Beautiful dogwood flowers. It was startling amongst the brown and dead leaves and wood.

Me & Tom enjoying the shade.

Shane and I went on a nature hike. This is the only flower we saw except for a bird that was too fast to be identified; the rest was woods.

Males tending the fire and I'm good with that as I was inside nuking some potatoes and mac and cheese. LOL. The modern joys of camping colliding with a charcol campfire. The smells were amazing. 
Twas a great day!
It was great to be off-line - there was no internet service and extremely dicey cell. 


  1. It looks wonderful! I enjoy photos of places with no snow right now.

  2. love to go on nature walks. Always got my head down looking~ glad you saw your son and had a good time:)

  3. So glad you had a chance to get on the road again (with a visit to your son, no less)!


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