Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A long and windy blog........

As you know, or not, I stalk blogs and one of them is Shimelle's who is 2 Peas garden girl and has all kinds of classes and opinions on scrapbooking. One of the, ok, two of the things she does is scrap chronologically and in doing albums, keeps them unified. 
Well, I do none of that unless its a mini-album with a theme, etc. 
So as a challenge and to take action against the angst I was having in this post, I decided to put my travel photos in my albums that already have a hodge podge style and make this series unified which would have happened if I had done a 2 pager. 
And wouldn't that have been too easy.

This page was the first one I was having the angst about. I couldn't figure it out 1page, 2page, no page - wa-la. So as I was stalking Shimelle she was talking about white space and I more or less lifted the page she was doing. Ahem it was more. LOL! 
I don't normally do multiple 4x6 photos and I couldn't arrange it in my head. 2 portrait (and one is b&w) and 1 landscaped. And didn't Shimelle just have the answer. Mat them all. (I tried to find the exact aha moment I had on her site but its multiple things - so I recommend you just stalk her too). 
In putting this together and keep it untified I used the same line of paper and embellishments. I also remembered this cute lil ole paper bags from April and became necessary because room was lacking for the journaling. So once those decisions were made, the angst sort of disappeared.

I'm pleased with them even though I think these first 2 actually look alike. I wanted to point out the title on this one. American Crafts alphas sort of like thickers and I couldn't understand why the top part kept sliding off and annoying me. Really annoying. And then I glanced at the packaging. It was do-it-yourself - so when the top came off - it was sticky. Since they were already nailed down so to speak, glitter came to mind. Which was cool - because New Orleans is a gawdy, bawdy type of town so it all worked.

And that brings me to the last one completed which might-should've been the first. It is in the album -- On this one I shabby chic'd up the chipboard alphas and glossy accented them. Took awhile to dry. Hate waiting on paint. I was going to do 2 pictures on this and it would've showed Andew Jackson on his mighty steed but I liked the composition of this one alot better and felt the other would've been redundant.

Actually all 3 of them look alike. I can't decide if that's good or bad - however, after pondering all things scrappy I decided I really like them so its all good AND, they're done and all unified in my hodge podge album.

I'm not sure if I'll ponder doing that again because it does feel alien to my laissez faire nature (thought I'd toss some French in being New Orleans and all). I do have another set of pix that pertain to the trip but not New Orleans per se and I ran out of the paper line, so I guess I'm back to my hodge podge ways. LOL!

Out of all this creative angst, I decided a Maddawg Madcap was in order and that is to use sequins on your page and that was an original idea from my pal Mz. Ashli. So put her on your stalking list as well.


  1. You keep on stalking, Lynn, because you're doing awesome pages!

  2. love, love Shimelle~have taken several classes with her!!! You are creating awesome pages here girl~don't be so hard on yourself (just trying to be funny, you know you are awesome)~Love the pages. I don't scrap in order either~I used to and got so bored with it:(:(

  3. and the awesome doesn't stop there LOL
    I told you those would all work out eventually - congrats on the "unified" yet not matchy-matchy for your NewO album.


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