Friday, February 22, 2013

Because I wanted to use the burplap thickers

for the title. 
I had to work with what I had leftover.
And it became the date.
Did you know these thickers don't stick in the packaging?
And that the minute air hits them they fly and stick everywhere?
I doubledawgdare ya to open one of those
babies up. 
Very annoying they totally bunch up and
stick to each other.
Did I mention I have a love/hate relationship with thickers
of all kinds - I'm not just a burlap hater.
Anyway located this photo of my brother looking like he's munching
down on something that will break his teeth.
And the peeps without heads are my grandparents.
Guess who took the pix.
But I get it because she was focused on the lil dude.
Put a mix of papers together.
Love the pops of teal/blue and yellow/gold.


  1. burlap thickers~tell me more:):):) the Lo is darling and great choice of stickers!!!

  2. Not just the burlap Thickers. ALL OF THEM! Grrrrr! :) I love them on here though with the bag as the backdrop. The twine and feather combo looks awesome too!


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