Monday, February 4, 2013

Grab the bull by the horn

Not sure if its a cow or not. Doesn't matter, the identifiers are hidden. LOL!! This photo looks like its been around the block a few times which makes me glad that I have it nice and secure on some Tim Holtz paper - among others.

Not sure of the back story except cows show up a lot on the Anderson Homestead so I assume that's on of the basics in their life. Haven't seen nor heard if they had chickens, however, the men were avid sportsmen - hunting and fishing. 

Took awhile to post because Mini(mac)me is at the Apple store. It appears the card reader is broken and suckin up energy that resulted in some weird goings-on. I am truly lost without it - especially because ALL my photos are on it and that will be remedied as soon as I have it back in my hot lil paws I shall be sharing them with my desktop mac. 

I had to think what layouts were posted or not and then go back and photograph them again. I remembered this one; sifting through others if any. 

It's Manic Monday - so I'm hoping the mojo floweth!


  1. Very awesome photo~love how you SB'ed it also. I have a handful of pics that were given to my mom but I must say you must of had some photographers in your family, you really have great oldies!!!

  2. Love the aged paper behind the photo. You're so lucky to have this. The patchwork background is perfect here. :)

  3. Nice layout-I love the patchwork look of it and that old photo! Sorry to hear about your mac.


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