Sunday, February 10, 2013

Way down upon the Suwannee River.....

Far far away. From the hustle and bustle of all things electronic. Well mostly. I like downloading pictures in a timely manner - ever since I lost a bunch.

I have no idea who this little fellow is. But I annoyed him when I was stalking through the brush and he managed to dive-bomb me. LOL!

We had a bon fire every night. And it was necessary because it was cold, but also because it was very relaxing staring at the flames and thinking about nothing.

There's a cracker shack on the property that needs renovating. 

It's behind this fence that has a no tresspassing sign on the gate. I didn't go far. Really. 

So I carried 2 lenses around and one was my stationary 50 that my favorite son-in-law gave me. It was decidedly odd having a stationary lens because I kept wanting to crank it. And it was closer than I thought. So I did end up backing up a lot for landscape shots.

This cardinal was singing away and even puffed his chest out for me. Such a male.

This was the walk to the boat dock that was rickity at best. However, I persevered because I had it on good authority that an eagle swoops in around sunset and I wanted to see if he was coming out.

In the meantime, DH had some mesquite grilled  steaks going and they were delicious.

And as the sun went down canoers were enjoying the sunset on river.  It was very peaceful and even for a Saturday was very quiet. Friday night was another story. lol!

And there is the eagle swooping in for dinner. I had my canon 300 and this is cropped. Actually it is the best I could do - any closer and its blurry - trust me I tried because I really wanted to see this eagle in wild up close and personal.

Made friends with this little dude - sort of. Squirrels are everywhere and they really aren't shy. I had fun stalking them - they are fast and wiley.

And then the sun went down and brought out all the beautiful colors of the trees.

I had a great time switching out lenses again. I did have my tamron - but I wanted to continue using different lenses. Which is fun as long as the subject stays in one spot. LOL!


  1. The bird that dive bombed you really gives new meaning to Angry Birds. LOL! Love this collection of pics, especially the last one. Stunning!

  2. Love the cardinal- love all the pictures!!!


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