Thursday, February 7, 2013


This photo is just so much fun. I'm on that slide with her barrelling down. Defying gravity. Hair raising. I know this will shock you but I had issues. With a mister.
Hitting my paper like a heat seeking rocket.
So once again I had to change out the base page and when I did it sort of messed up the design.
Okay, it totally messed up the design.
I moved the banner from left to right. And didn't that look stupid for some reason.
So I strung another banner which helped.
I have radiance rain which is a sparkly spray that's totally cool - however, mine doesn't squirt.
I also have goosebumps which doesn't spray either but I managed to get them on those flowers that are
supposed to look like cogs. 
And the yahoooooo - the oooo part is cut from letters because seriously they never give you enough vowels. Ever.

I did this photo before - and this is for Nick and Jill's album. Her blue eyes, her trembling lip (and you can almost see it tremble) is just too precious. I think this page actually came together without a bunch of incidents er opportunities.
I know this really shocks you. 
The title is "she knows how to use it." 
Hard to see the itty bitty blue words from Authentique collection.


  1. That first photo is an awesome action shot. It does make me feel as if I'm there. Love how you scrapped it too (and the other sweet photo too). ;)

  2. These are so cute!! Look at those bright blue eyes and that lip. lol


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