Thursday, February 21, 2013


Not real clever but plopped in the grass seemed to obvious.
The structure in the background I have seen in other photos however,
I'm not sure of the location. I'm thinking the Anderson homestead but I don't
know enough to know enough.
Anyway the kidlets are adorable and my second cousins.
I adhered the butterfly upside down on purpose.
Because I'm creative that way.
And it avoided a bunch of trapped space in that position.
I put this page together by rifling through my scraps ala Mz. Ashli who does 
that on occasion as a challenge. Only she's clever enough to
string 3-4 pages together.
It was kind of fun.
And eventually I'll be able to do that as well.
I admit I have let my folder of scraps get out of control.
Because it doesn't fit in my drawer well and its annoying to open
and close as the papers because of their size get stuck, ALOT so I'm hoping
to flip though and use these bad boys more often.
I seem to have a paper problem - because I buy more.
Raise your hand if this happens to you.
I know I'm not alone out there.


  1. Love these Lo's that you use the old pic's on. My mom gave me a handfull of peeps on my dad side. I really don't know of them but put what Info i have and put a new slant on it.

  2. you are too funny! Love what you did with all of those scraps :)


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