Monday, February 25, 2013

It was a manical Monday over at SNC

 With a fun time being had by all.
My pal April was the star - 4 pages. Wow!
Others joined in - Diana creating 2 and Janet working on 1 that
had some creative cutting going on.
I managed 3.
 And the one at top was designed for the picture below.
However, the design was not quite the right orientation.
SO into the wayback box I went and this photo of ME and Buttons that fit the bill.
Cosmos Cricket rocks the heritage.
OMG. MY pix are considered heritage.
Gasp - faint - thud.
 I am up off the floor with this adorable photo once again using Cosmo
and has Amelia who'll no doubt be following in her parents' adreneline junky ways
 - is getting outfitted in snowboarding boots.
A girl can never have too many boots. Truly. I do remember those days.
Those boots will especially rock with those adorable snow suits that make me and no one else 
look like the michelin tire man.
Tis a cross I bear rather crossly.
Another heritage photo looking more heritagy I think.
And yes, I made up the word because I can and its fun.
I found these photos separately and for once CRS did NOT kick in,
and in remembering I saw one or the other at some point in 
138294193418341 boxes of photos I have stashed, I
lucked out and found said photo in a few hours time.
Which left plenty of time to finish the layout. 
Which makes me happy.


  1. Wow- you got lots done!! These are beauties!!!

  2. You are rockin' the creativity, Lynn! Love these!

  3. I think that we need to create some guidelines with what we call "heritage" LOL
    I was thinking the same thing - when perusing through my "older" photo box, aka all of MY kid pix...and thinking "OMG THESE COULD BE HERITAGE". We really need a rule to follow...


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