Thursday, February 28, 2013

Off the road....

Continuing with the scrapping of New Orleans photos and staying with Authentique even though its a different color will in my mind bring continuity to the other New Orleans pages already completed. I'm pleased to say we'll be heading back to New Orleans in a few days with the RV and I'll get some do-overs in my continual photographic endeavors to hone the craft. 

The above photo is a cemetery located on a back road down Rte 11 toward Venice LA just off the side of the road. It is not the only cemetery on the road, its just the one where we could pull over without getting run down by cars careening down the highway at 70mph. I shot this one from the car window with the 18-55 canon lens. 

I love cemeteries as you can glean a lot of information from them in your ancestry hunting (although I haven't encountered any located in LA). I did write a hub about it cleverly titled "Raking through the dead leaves." Anyway the cemeteries in LA are extremely compelling not only because they are above ground but also from the melding of religions. Because of their delicate condition unsuspecting riff-raff, like me, can't just meander through the old ones so I believe I'll be booking a tour this next time around. 

You can't just go to New Orleans without including one of these historic and "haunted" cemeteries  in   in your photopraphy pictorial or your scrapbook albums. 


  1. Love Authentique and your LO is gorgeous!!! loving the design and style~unique to you!!!

  2. Authentique is perfect on this fab page, Lynn!

  3. Perfect paper choices - and Yay I get to be jealous ALL OVER AGAIN with another trip *sigh*

  4. This is gorgeous. Cemeteries are actually some of the most beautiful places. they're always well kept, full of flowers, and full of memories. I love walking through and looking at the names and ages and wondering about the people.


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