Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Washington DC photos from the wayback box

And I love them in a pocket page.
Some of these pix were mom's and some were mine she
had acquired because she liked them.
It worked out well because now I can point them to
the Road Trip album - which house a lot
of pix - starting from beginning to end of the trip I took
with Shane and Memaw. 
We had so much fun traveling the highways and by-ways
together and the memories rock.

I looked at that Road Trip album and omgee it was done 14 years ago
when I thought I was "da bomb" of scrapbooking
and "heavy sigh" the pages are sooooo "at a loss for words" LOL
but the journaling in that album - NAILED IT.


  1. Ooooo the way back box. Love what you have done..

  2. love when you show your old photos~very cool!!!

  3. What a treasure, Lynn! I love when you share projects from your way back box. :)


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