Friday, June 9, 2017

It was a dark and stormy day....

I have always wanted to start something with that sentence LOL.
I know you have too.
Anyway, it didn't get any better coming through Florida and heading
to Alabama.
That is the county seat for Monticello, Fl.
Isn't that dramatic??
 It's a beautiful building up close.
 This was too cool to pass up but I had
to take it quick sooooo that's my window screen you're
looking through.
 As you know I adore buildings that are not
necessarily in good shape so be warned
you'll be seeing a lot of them.
 We take the secondary roads as much as possible
(unless we're in a hurry) so I pass the time
snapping things that interest me.
 And hopefully you...
 This house had a ton of flags in the yard. 
I couldn't get them all through the window.
 Hassled mama duck and her ducklings trying
to get a close up of them.
Totally adorable.....but mama wasn't happy with me and
they finally swam off.
 He was a cute little bugger.
 And this guy - quite the poser.
Walked right up - had to back off with the zoom LOL.
 I actually think people may live here.
Not sure.
 And the farms, silos and tractors, oh my.
Love them all.
 Sunset over the lake at our second camp that we
swung in by the skin of our nose.
Funny story there - we were actually looking for Hugh Smith
State Park and ended up at the North Abutment 
but for another park. 
And they were totally FULL.
The camp host, Clyde, was trying to make a spot for us
and found one when bad luck befell the previous
campsite occupant.
His awning blew off and tore in half so they left
a day early to get it fixed.
 And who can resist sunset with ducks
gliding across the water.
Not me....


  1. Lyn, are you following I-90? If so, our home town (growing up and our family still lives there) is just a few miles from one point you will cross. You are passing through some of the most beautiful and older country in the south. I hope you have a blast. The photos reminds me of home. will also be passing by one of Laura Ingells Wilder's homes. There are still a lot of Ingells in the area. Sorry for the's exciting to know you are close to our hometown. We'll be going soon.

    1. We're not following I-90 yet that's on the way back. We're in MO right now heading for Colorado and Utah first. then over to the California coast and up to Oregon and Washington. But I love sashaying through those little towns and backroads.

  2. great photos my friend and that duck hes so handsome

  3. Can't believe I finally got to a travel post! So far behind, but catching up and will get more current since we are on our way home now. sad, but won't miss the summer heat or crowds. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip!


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