Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ducks on the water....

You can sing that too, "smoke on the water" LOL.
Woke up to this sight this morning.
And it was soooo lovely, mist coming off the water and
ducks swimming like they're on a mission.
Taking poetic license with all the sunspots.
It couldn't be helped as I was not setting foot outside in my pj's.
 More fun sights on the backroads.
I love the backroads.

 Cropduster just landing.
They fly to and fro over the fields and are so much fun to watch.
I'd totally need a barf bag.
 These cool silos were converted into houses.
How cool is that.
 And the crossroads for the blues.
I love the blues.
They speak to me and oh my the #guitar drama
especially with my Joe Bonnamassa.
 How come its not pronounced...AR-kansas. hmmm...

 And another that makes you go hmm.....
cows feed on grass all day long and look at their girlish figures.
Grass people.

We made it all the way through to Missouri.
Not that we haven't had a few glitches.
Our fridge is having issues which is making us nuts.
It keeps going off, and fortunately stuff
is still cool but it's getting tricky.
So we couldn't boondock after we settled into Mark Twain's National Forest
for the night, we had to lickety split out of there and find
a campground with electric.
Found the Big Springs RV park and bless them they were available
at 7:30 p.m.  We have found RV parks do not have
people to take your rez after 5 p.m.
A total win-win AND we got a site on the river.
How cool is that.
And a lovely site it is too.
Then a truck happened by and flung a rock at our front window
leaving a crack the size of a half dollar that
now needs to be fixed.
And we were supposed to meet up with my favorite youngest
son (he's a trucker) and we missed that because
of timing and well timing.
So we're shooting for a hookup next weekend in Salt Lake.
Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. old barns and silos make me swoon

  2. Man you made good time for taking back roads! Bummer about the fridge and crack, but you're right, it's all part of the adventure!


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