Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dinosaur National Monument

Absolutely amazing - 
this little fella is the greeter...
There's a shuttle that takes you to this building
which happens to be built around the dig site that 
housed the fossils/bones.
It's 2 stories and these amazing bones are on a wall
that goes from floor to ceiling.
You start on the 2nd floor... 

 Down the first floor that have this completed Allosaurus.
They actually pulled at 25 completed dinosaurs 
and loaned them out to different museums.
 This guy lost a couple of pieces.
 And here's and old fossil touching and old fossil.
 Scenery is beautiful.
 That old fossil keeps showing up in my photos.
 As you travel through the park they have key
points... and this was the wall art
found at the same time the dig was going on.
 The above one is the only one I could possible ID that
its like a sunburst type thing.
Below if you see anything artsy let me know.
This is elephant toes rock...
Its neat but tricky to get because its off the road
that I took from the window because
with all the shrubs around I wouldn't have got it.
 Turtle rock.
There are RV and tent sites along
this river that would've been amazing to camp in.
However, we're still having fridge problems. 😑😑😑😑
Hopefully they'll be solved soon.

We're hoping to catch up with Shane tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Looks like a really cool place to visit!

  2. Cool, that's one national monument we didn't see.

    "Old fossil touching an old fossil" LOL!

  3. what a cool place... thanks for sharing


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