Thursday, June 29, 2017

Crater Lake is absolutely beautiful

And stunning!
It's an OMGEE Oh My Stars beauty.
Should be on everyone's bucket list for sure.

It's been awhile my friends.
It appears I've used all my hi-speed data for the month
so I'm on a data diet unless we find places
that have wifi. 
And out here they are far and few between.

The day was sunny and bright and the water calm.
No trick photography and not a lot of tweaking.
Basically this is it.

 Some excitement here.
These are skiers on this mountain - the one walking
had already skied down which we missed.
They decided on another run and we watched climb that mountain.
 To the top that took them about 20 minutes.
And we waited and waited and waited.
But they never came down.
Not that I blame them - a rest was necessary after that hike.
Will try to do better guys but internet (is not great out here either)
and wifi that doesn't rock.
We are currently at the Mercedes dealer getting an itty bitty
problem fixed with the RV.

On a scrappy note I did a bunch of pages.
Did I photograph them?
No. 😐
My bad.


  1. Wow! Looks like an amazing place. Your photos are awesome. :)

  2. So gorgeous, Lynn! Crater Lake is way up on my bucket list!!


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