Monday, June 19, 2017

Made it to California

And we're staying at the North Shore Campground.
In the meantime we headed to Lassen Volcanic National Park.
And what a pretty ride in it was.

 And then you come around the corner....
 It appears that they had some snowfall...
and they are clearing the roads so we could only
go as far as the sulphur pots.
It's gonna take them 2 weeks to clear it all out.
And here's Tom tossing a snowball at me.
Quite the action shot.
 Artistic license because I thought it looked cool.
 Run off from the snow melting on the mountains.
 Trying to catch the vapor rising in the background there.

 And a steamy, bubbling, boiling mudpot.
And didn't it not smell good.
 Additional runoff.
 Artistic license again with the bent tree.
Who doesn't love a bent tree.

So there are four volcanoes out there and so far
none of them are active.
They were spewing and brewing in the mid 1900's
and then went dark.
And that's a good thing.
However, because volcanoes are not the most
stable things geologists are keeping tabs on it 
which I find comforting.
At&t just informed me I have used 75% of my high speed data.
We're not even 3 weeks into this trip.
I'm in big trouble.


  1. Great pics, that is definitely on our list for the West Coast trip. Bummer on the data! We finally caved and went unlimited when I replaced my dead phone.

  2. Such a beautiful place and amazing photos, Lynn!

  3. Gorgeous photos!! Hope you are getting projects done:)


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