Sunday, June 11, 2017

Two different horse drawn wagons

In one day.
What are the odds.
This barn.....
 Amish in their horse and buggy and there
are two little boys in there which you can't see in this picture
because the picture you can see them in
didn't turn out well.
They came right by where we were parked but I 
really didn't want to be obvious.
Next time I'm totally going for obvious.
 Rolling on through Missouri headed to Kansas.

 And the second horse drawn wagon was a covered
wagon coming right down the highway
toward us.
I was totally obvious this time.
How cool is that.
 These store front windows are in Iola Kansas
Rolling down highway 54.

We are currently in El Dorado State Park and Tom
thinks he fixed the fridge problem.
UPDATE: we still have a fridge problem.
Its a beautiful park - that took about an hour to get a site.
It appears campground hosts assign sites without
informing the front desk.


  1. I am loving your journey and photos.

  2. our country is so beautiful... love living threw you

  3. Enjoying your trip photos! We were astounded to see Amish in Southern Colorado too!


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