Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride over hill and dale

And it was a wild ride.
It started innocently enough and we woke up after
boondocking at the Grizzly Creek Park
to the haze on the mountains.
 And a bridge.
 And then we entered Humboldt Redwood Park.
OMGEE...the trees are huge, beautiful and the entire forest
is magical.
 There also was a bit of nip in the air.
They are very very tall and normally I'd lay
on the ground to get the immenseness of them.
 But I decided to get the dimenision using our rig 
that looks like a mini car next to the trees.
 And a burl. 
They are sooooo coool.
 So the roads in the park are ugly. Really ugly.
Alot of twisty, turny curves that with big rig or towing 
caused problems, along with losse gravel and of course rude drivers
that made everything crazy because rigs just couldn't
maneuver that fast and really tried to get
out of the way but rude drivers made it worse.
 And didn't that take the enjoyment out of the ride.
Also, we decided to check out a lighthouse so we took this
road that was even worse than the park.
Ruts so big I thought we were headed to the center of the earth.
The inside of our rig looked like it was ransacked
by random thieves on that road.
It also was a loose gravel, big ruts, on a road that pretended
to be two lanes that had nail biting dropoffs
because the road was washed out in certain places.
And we FINALLY AFTER HOURS get to the road with the lighthouse
on this road.

So we had to cross this bridge with wooden slats in order
to get out of that area and it took a few more
hours of the same road to wind up right back where
we started in the redwood forest.
 So evidently this redwood fell across the road and had to 
be whacked in order to clear the road.
 This one is as big as our rig.
So glad to be back on dry land after that ride.
We nestled in at the Emerald Forest campground and
did mundane things like laundry
and putting everything back where it belonged.

Headed for the Redwood National Park today where the trees
are even bigger. I can't imagine.
However, if the roads suck - that may be a game changer.
It was a tense road day yesterday that I really don't want to repeat.


  1. It has always been part of the bucket list to see the Redwoods. The photo are beautiful.

  2. amazing look at God's creation :)

  3. Wow, bummer the roads were so bad! Beautiful pictures of amazing trees though!


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