Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Packing scrappy supplies for the road

And what a conundrum picking and choosing.
I have done this for 3 maybe 4 trips now and it has been evolving.
I started out with that super satchel that is currently housing
the punches (see below).
And it worked on a limited basis as I was trying
to minimize what I brought.
 However, frustration would set in. 
I didn't have this or that
which would stop me dead in my tracks
and wasn't that was totally annoying.
 And now I'm going overboard. 
 Oh well - and I have to apologize to Studio Calico for
my bad thoughts on these mesh zippered pockets.
Each kit comes with these meshed bags and as you can see
I've accumulated quite a bunch (I have even given some away).
But NOW....Omg.
Perfect for putting stuff in to keep things tidy.
 Therefore, I have mesh bags for precut dies, stamps, and

 And for the scraps.
I am using Pink Fresh for the album and
I'm having some second thoughts about that - because
we are going to the mountains on a
road trip....My other road trips - were basically
earthy colors - so predictable and now I'm going to roll with
well not earthy colors.
 I may trade out this water colors for the one
M's watercolors because there is more of a color choice.
And I did swap them out.
 I got this PL album on sale at HL - great score
8.5x11 and am mixing it up with PL and regular page protectors.
 I filled the pages already precutting the papers because
I do not take a paper trimmer with me
and with the Selphy printer I can custom size the prints.

 Sadly, it took awhile for me to figure out that I
didn't NEED to fill all the pockets -
but it took me 3/4 of way to decide that.
So I do have enough papers.
 So everything sort of fits and I keep finding more because
I'm still scrapping and keeping a lot
of stuff on my desk.
This tucks neatly under the couch in the RV.
Actually the album will be stored in the overhead and
now the decision is do I additionally take
my faux traveler's journal and my regular journal.
Regular journal is gonna be a given so I can write in it everyday
as I  tend to forget the day to day stuff because
I can't scrap everyday on the road and
the mind is a terrible thing for remembering.
Packing it all in.

We are hitting the road today- and its raining which
will hopefully keep all the others off the road.
I'll be posting photos as we roll and when internet is available.
Gonna be a fun time.


  1. So looking forward to your adventure not happy that you will be gone for awhile so hurry up and get back home lol

  2. Have a great trip and I think you have enough supplies!!

  3. I would love to play in your crafty stash. Just remember if you forget's a good excuse to find a scrapbook store. Have fun.


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