Friday, June 16, 2017

Tearing up Utah highways 91-15

At a Love's truck stop because where else
does a trucker go.
Hanging out with the big rigs.
 It was sooooo good seeing Shane and meeting his teammate.
We had a great time laughing and goofing around.
 I was able to see his truck up close and personal and
wow! I can't imagine handling something of that size.
 Scenes from after we parted ways.......
and headed toward Idaho.

 View from the windshield.
 Courthouse in Brigham City.

Beautiful scenes everywhere you look
and they do take your breath away.


  1. Glad you caught up with your son, and the pics are Great! We spend a lot of time in truck stops too, at 60 feet long, with the motorcycle trailer. 🙄

  2. i am so happy you got to meet up with shane great photos

  3. gorgeous pics and how cool with your son.


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