Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rolling with another 4x4 photo on 6x6

I also rolled with the splattering of white paint
while I had it out and ready to go.
I actually splattered it before I added anything on the page.
I also rolled with basically the same design.
I'm okay with that.

I picked a card stock base mostly because of indecision
and the fact I didn't wanted want to whack down a 12x12
I wanted it to be a leftover scrap.
This card stock worked perfectly because it had
been whacked into previously.
 So I layered the photo and this top left corner made
me crazy because the layers were out of control so I made
this cluster to make myself happy about those goofy layers.
 I also sort of got the background idea from Inky Quill
but mine didn't work out as cool as hers #1.
and #2 I used a photo with lots of layers that I
put together before I came up with the layering strips.
Her's was not perfectly straight -but because the offset of the
strips with the gaps made me crazy -
 I whacked the strips sort of straight on each side.
Also because of the white space in the photo
to the left that's where all the embellishments were going.
I hadn't planned on that goofy corner so
everything lined up right down the left side
so in the spirit of the triangle
I added some enamel dots to the right.
The title came from a die cut from HL I got on sale
that's actually for a planner and didn't
it fit in the space quite nicely.

Sweet Lou - love that hat.


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