Friday, March 3, 2017

Haven't used Primas in awhile

And I love Primas, however, I've had grandsons
and while I'm okay with flowers on their pages, then
there was flowers.
 Thanks to my pal Holli with whom I scrapped with yesterday
and got to shop again at her place.
She has the coolest stuff.
 I actually packed really light in going over to her house
which is very unusual for me-sort of doing a "grab 5."
And in all honestly I did use 4 of them - the stamps I grabbed
just couldn't be worked in.
So I grabbed her flowers and watercolors (that you can barely see)
and commenced to gluing.
She also has an abundance of buttons that I got
to pour through and though using
different ones on the flowers was kind of fun and funky.
I'm really pleased with the page and thinking about
maybe I neeeeeed some primas.
Studio Calico on the rest.

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