Monday, March 27, 2017

Random photos in one page

I've been getting into pocket pages and I absolutely love doing them.
Not all the time, but this past week and especially the
weekend my mojo done took a hike so
I've been reading and doing other
things because sometimes just stepping back helps.
Of course I stalk the videos too which I love too.

Anyhoo, I had all these photos chosen and printed and
they were getting overwhelming since I couldn't make a decision on anything
so then I had this brilliant
idea to just stick them all in a pocket page.
Shocking, I know, that it took awhile to think that one up. LOL.
But, I found that I had either scrapped them before
some going in other albums OR I really didn't have a story.
Not that I need a story but sometimes the story helps in the page design.
It happened that I got all the grandkids on one page
AND my two kidlets.
How cool is that.
And I really like the randomness of the pocket pages.

I used some Tim Holtz stuff, WRMK PL cards
there is Studio Calico bits, punched hearts, QK and Mambi.


  1. Cute photos. I get stuck like this sometimes. I'll have just a cute closeup of one of the grands. This is a good idea.

  2. Looks great and I understand about getting stuck in a rut :) Nice save :)

  3. been in that rut for awhile now ughhhh page looks great too love the pics


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