Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Remembering favorite things

photo 1-1
photo 1-2

Everyone has favorite things -
 things you enjoy
things that make you happy
things that bring you comfort
things passed down.

These are a few of my mom's favorite things
and some were my Gram's and then mine
and I thought it would be fun to showcase and
pocket pages worked it out the best.

Such a nostalgic page for me because some of the items
are not in my possession anymore
so it brings me comfort to see the photos of the items
especially when I see them as they were arranged
in mom's home.

Basic Grey, Bassil, various Studio Calico stuff, Doodle Bug stickers,
and thickers (which I turned the F around to make T's because
I was over finding a font that had letters I needed.


  1. Great idea for a page. Love this!!

  2. Love your pages and the pocket pages worked great! I'm sorry you no longer have these items but what a great way to remember them!

  3. great memories i love how it came out


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