Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vegetable netting as a mat

My pal Holli got me this prize of Jillybean Soup embellishments
and they work perfectly with this page.
I am loving this cluster.
 I had all kinds of things going on as a mat when I
noticed this veggie bag netting laying around on my desk.
Normally I use the netting as a "stencil" but
when I put it behind the photo it just looked very cool as a mat layer.
Added some watercolors for background color
and just love how it turned out.

Lou checking out the grass.

Studio calico, Jillybean Soup, watercolors, netting.


  1. I love it too!! Love the orange splat at the top. Brings in the color from the photo!! Beautiful!!

  2. Oh my goodness they match perfectly! Love how this turned out.. the netting (swoon)


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