Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cute little bunny butt envelopes I stole off the internet

And I'm so happy I found this idea for the grands
and I had all the supplies on hand
and busted some stash.
Total win-win.
And ain't they stinkin' adorable.
So I glued their butts to the front of the envelope
in order to tuck something behind.
 Thanks to my pal Holli - when I indicated that
I wanted some type of carrot thing to 
tuck in so it would look like the bunny was
jumping in after it she told me
about these reeses pieces carrots.
I pondered a real carrot for a brief moment
 but that would be mean
for Easter lol.
So I debated in the store because the carrots are
huge but figured no harm no foul
if they didn't fit.
But they did fit sort of.
Now to mail them off in time.
I made 12 of them - 10 for the grands
and the other 2 for my two nieces that will be
at our house for Easter.
I love the internet.


  1. I absolutely love how they came you.. so glad the carrots worked out nicely


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