Tuesday, February 28, 2017

St. Patrick's day is a-comin'

And I wanted to make a little something for the grands.
So in the spirit of treating the older grands a bit different than
the littles I made them cards with a knock-knock
joke I stole off the internet somewhere.
(The INSIDE- says I RISH you a Happy St. Patrick's day.
I thought it was a hoot....

The smaller bows have a "coin" with a shamrock
glued onto a punched die cut that also says 
Happy St. Patrick's day - and that bow behind them
was a ribbon I saved from Lou's baby shower.
Lou is now 5 years old. 
There's also a glue dot on the back if they want to
hang them off themselves or somewhere else.
Their initials are in the center to personalize it a bit.

I rolled into Easter after this - trying to make shakers
that turned into an absolute disaster - so back to the drawing
board on those. 


  1. these cards are great i love them the coins are awesome too such an inventor


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