Sunday, May 8, 2016

Heading to the mountains again

This time to the towns of Silverton and Ouray.
And that is snow at the top of this pass.
And it was nippy but not too bad actually we had 
the top of the jeep partially down.
 And there's how tall the snowbank is.
 Snow is beautiful on the mountaintop
 for sure.
 We did drive through - love the sign.
This is the town of Silverton from the mountain
and I'm betting that everyone there
know's your name.
 And old mining shacks are enough to make
one swoon.
 I did get shots of these last time we were here
without the snow.
A lot of the others were buried in the snow still.
 Cold, pretty water rushing down the mountains
and we filled our empty jugs up 
from ones that weren't so wild.
Tastes goooood.
 This is the town of Ouray
and of course drove down its main street.
We stopped at Mouses Roasted Coffee and Chocolate
and let me say they both will make your
tastebuds sit up and take notice.

 Of course we had to get the jeep in snow
and its a few inches deep
in fact four wheel drive was necessary to back it out.
 And then the weather changed. 
Top is up.


  1. looks like you are having a great time with that chocolate and all :) jeep too!!

  2. Nature at its finest. The chocolate looks pretty darn good too. :)

  3. Great pic! I hope you had a great time!! BL

  4. Lovely! I haven't been to that area when there is snow. Will have to add that to the bucket list as well ;-)

  5. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! Bloggie Love


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