Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Road Album - Completed!

My poor neglected blog. AND.....
There's a page on it - so there was that, dicey internet
and quick overnights.
Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them. LOL.
Now I need new ones.

So....I thought I'd complete the book in one or two pages,
mostly because I seriously slacked in
picture taking the last couple of days and I just wanted
to get home.
However, I had more stories to finish than I thought.

This page is about our ride into Silverton and Ouray
that I did blog about and now its official.
 I photo'd this 3 times and had issues with
the pocket pages glaring and then focusing. Arrghh....
Our ride into Santa Fe which was by the way a beautiful ride
however, parking a big rig with a tow in a historic district is a bit
tricky - as we found when we got caught up and
did a drive-by on the narrow streets, full of foot traffic and
no I think the let's move on bug
hit us both and we that's what we did.
 So the pronghorn photos didn't come out well but
I used them anyway because I feel they
came out cool enough and it's my album. LOL.
And part of moving on were those ribs calling our
name from Blues City Cafe in Memphis.
I ate way too much.
 The other stop before heading home was my dad's
in order to check up on him because
he's pretty active and I need to see what he's up to.
This year was the annual fish fry in the 'hood - where
peeps in the 'hood get the fish, fry it up and invite the entire
'hood to feast. I was busy eating, so lack of pix.
I am getting so lackadaisical by this time.
And there's my lament of double-sided tape - that happened
right after the snow photos from the last post.
 We ended as we began checking in with favorite
youngest son. He's doing really good.
Ate at his restaurant - and it was de-lish.
Had brunch the next day and took the long ride home.
 As we were riding, Tommy Traveling pants and I
were going over the stats and I thought
it'd be fun to include them.
And it was really - because wow - we did a lot when you
see it in black and white - or various colors.
And I have been waiting to use that card.
When we arrived home, I really don't like messing around.
I like to get the RV cleaned out and things put up.
Yesterday, I got back in my routine and worked out, then
had visits from my neighbor Gladys and friend Holli,
took a nap, and finished the book because
I have a ton of grandkidlet photos to scrap - so get ready.
The RV needs to be really cleaned inside and
readied for the next trip will be sometime in July.
So strap up your seat belts - we're gonna do it again.
I have a smashbook that needs to be used.
Thoughts on that?


  1. Welcome home, Lynn! Love how your album has turned out. Those touches of woodgrain are pure perfection. :)

  2. Made me have a big smile on my face when I saw you have already srapped your trip. I really enjoy watching you visit my favorite places. Bloggie Love

  3. i absolutely love it the book came out awesome!

  4. Glad you are back~love how the travel book came out. Great memories for you guys!

  5. HI love that you scrap on the go, your pages are fabulous. BL x


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