Monday, May 2, 2016

Scrapping more pages on the road

Camped in Las Vegas and seriously I can only
take so much of the neon lights and zing
of the slots so I decided I needed
to catch up the book.
These are the photos I took in Sedona and on the way to Williams.
 And yes I'm mixing up rounded and square corners.
It really doesn't bother me, thankfully.
But it probably could.
 Love adding the ephemera.
Still trying to figure out the amount of pages
to the amount of time we'll be on the road.
The great part about pocket pages is I can go back and
insert more if I desire and I probably will.
Or I can just roll with pedal to the metal - which I may
since I have to put Grand Canyon in there.
I consider that the highlight of the trip so far and I want
to add more pages.
Actually I think I'll go back and add 4x6's of some of the places.
I think this is my 4th addition - keepin' it current.
Sort of.


  1. looks chunky and amazing at the same time :) Awesome work!!!

  2. What a darling album! I love the eclectic look! Bloggie Love

  3. This is such fun! So many wonderful details! bl

  4. I so admire your diligence in scrapping and blogging on the road! What a treasure you will have to remember your trip!

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