Thursday, May 5, 2016

The changing mountain terrains

They change around every turn.
And they are really amazing.
Especially snow capped.

 Jenga rocks are everywhere and I had to look it up.
There are a couple reasons - some religious or 
just to say 'we were here.'
I decided to build one.
Not as adventurous as some but.........

This snow capped mountain was everywhere.
Of course I have 39472938578472094 shots of it.

I think this is Glen Canyon Recreation area
but now everything is a blur and
my notetaking is woefully lacking.
We did boondock in the Cottonwood Mantila-Sal National Forest.
It was a pretty site but nippy and $0 for the night.


  1. beautiful country~hope you are enjoying the sites!!

  2. WOW! This country is amazing!BL

  3. Fabulous pics! Cool boondocking!

  4. amazing how we take things granted such beautiful landscapes we have here in the USA!


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