Thursday, May 5, 2016

Elevation Mountain High

Heading from Nevada/Arizona we took
to the Dixie National Forest  between Cedar City and 
Long Valley Junction - mountains.
The beautiful snowcapped mountains.
And we're wearing shorts - summertime clothes.
 and alas, we encountered real snow.
As in snowing, and sticking to the roads
and some poor person in a ditch.
 It was really pretty and a bit dicey
as Tom never drove the rig in snow before.
This was also happening on the second day of MAY.
We also changed time zones again.
 And here is the depth....
 We made it safely down the mountain.
And now we know - the rig is alright in the snow.
However, we did breathe a bit easier when we reached the bottom 
and there was no more snow.


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