Monday, January 5, 2015

Scrapping those Christmas Cards

once again, Ali E style.
I have been doing this for a number of years and if you click
on this post you can view some previous years' pages.

I picked out some Kaiser Kraft Christmas papers which were
busy busy - and decided to make a pocket page with the busy paper.
In looking back at the previous ones - I know having a pocket page will shock you.

 To the left are the pile of lovely cards we recieved and below are the punched out and/or fussy cut cards
that will be used on my page.
I used round and square punches and in some cases
just pulled pop up embellishments off the cards.
I also kept the photo cards intact.
Its great to see how people/kids have changed and grown.
 After I whacked everything up the placement drove me nuts.
Short drive I know but crazy all the same. 
I therefore decided to clump/nest them all together in a vingette type of cluster.
 And it totally worked.
I love how the clusters turned out.
And I felt like they kind of told a story.
 It ended up looking graphic on the page as
I tried to arrange them in a way that when the remaining cards
are tucked in - you could still see some of  the clusters.
I inked all the cutout/punched photos to make them pop and more cohesive.
 I decided that because of the busy-ness of all the clusters
and the fact that they are gorgeous on their own
no other embellishments were required.
I just realized that I didn't add the year in there.
I will place it discretely somewhere.
 Love how this one turned out.
A lovely way to keep all the cards and in a guilt free way
to trash the rest. As I remove the parts I don't like
I try to be on the lookout to save their handwriting or if they
added something personal or pertinent.


  1. This is such a great idea Lynn, I have never seen this before. I must have been hiding under a rock I guess. I save all my cards and it's getting freaky. This would be a great idea. All I need is the time.

  2. Such a fun way to repurpose and save your cards, Lynn! Great idea!

  3. such a great idea! I have dome similar ~ I agree with Paula though, I have soooo many cards that I have saved :):) awesome page lynn.

  4. As always, so creative! I recycled YEARS worth of Xmas and Birthday cards this year. Oh well, I would never have done this anyway... ;-)


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