Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rolling with the busy busy pattern

I have used up the Christmas Kaiser craft.
Woohoo go me!!
And its quite busy.
Since I did the opposite on my Christmas card page
I decided to be bold and daring on this one.
 And I'm quite fond of the way it turned out.
I wanted to try without covering a lot of it up because I
love the bright colors and yes, even the busy pattern.
It's Christmas!
 I did some lame journaling - still not feeling the love
with the sinuses but I've done other
tree pages that I really don't need to wax eloquent on this one.
I did use 3 different size photos and matted them on
the same size paper - filling in the gaps with a title and journaling.
I think that brings out the photos.
Hmm...in looking at the location of the big tree - I need to do something
with the door, however, that window there provides
much needed air flow - especially in December. 

All Kaiser Craft.
Keepin' it simple.


  1. love the design lynn. Love Kaiser products~You rocked it :)


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