Sunday, January 4, 2015

Re-igniting the mojo - Just Mist

Starting out 2015
with a leftover from 2014.
And thats okay - this page sat on my desk for WEEKS.
It appears that the last 2 weeks of the year
became an unintentional hiatus from creating anything
and it appears that may have been a well needed break.
And seriously at the end of the year- everyone is busy busy busy
so I felt it was a good time to break and not feel guilty (in my head)
about not finishing up with the M-F posts.
In between travels, and then on travels, my personal goal in 2014 was 
to blog M-F and I met that goal.
It was fun to know that I had the discipline to do it.
I don't know if I'll be continuing that in 2015 because
seriously - its not like life is hanging in the balance if I don't do M-F posts.
And maybe some change is in the air about the blog,
or maybe not. 
One thing hasn't changed is my ability to make snap decisions. 
Recapping that this page sat forever on my desk and it did.
I kept rearranging the photos and do-dads to no avail.
I decided to clear everything off and mist.
Mists are freeing and somehow just that small maneuver
can unlock the block.
 That netting started on the page, was swept off and returned.
The photos actually baffled me because there are 5 I want to get on there.
4 2x3 and 1 4x6.
 I lined them up like little soldiers and then tried to clump them in a wad, artfully.
Vertical, horizontal. Arrgghhh..
 Once I decided that the mists changed the look - 
 none of that strict-in-a-row stuff need apply.
So once the photos found a place - the clusters began.
I wanted to document these photos because it was my BIL and SIL's
first official party-down event since they moved to Florida
and also, it had been awhile since we attended the Venice Christmas boat parade.
We had all the comforts of home 
so how could a good time not be had by all.
Studio Calico, Shimelle date stamp added to the clusters, Basic Grey alphas,
netting because its a beachy water thing, and stars - for night time.
And the word strips for journaling says it all.


  1. love the netting :) I see that used ~ looks very cool the way you used it. Love the splats :) keep bloggin girl!!!!

  2. I like this page a lot Lynn, your title makes me sing "Smoke on the water". Now get that out of your head!

  3. Netting and misting for the win! Love this, Lynn! Happy New Year!

  4. Ok, do tell, what changes about the blog????


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