Thursday, January 9, 2014

This post is my 1,000 post & a prize!!!

1,000 posts.
Who knew I could be so windy.
I started this blog on August 22, 2007
so it took me awhile. 

In honor of my 1K posts - leave a comment and
as soon as I figure out randomly generated winner -
I shall pick one AND the lucky winner 
will get a small, lovely and sincere scrappy prize. 
So you have to return to see if you were the one
that was randomly generated :)
And thank you in advance for your continued perusual.

So this year I continued in my Ali Edwards vein of saving
my Christmas cards on a page. 
For some reason I couldn't stand these pages up
to photograph because I didn't have enough hands
 so there ya go.
And they are oddly similar to the other years I know your just curious
to relive and see because they are 2 pages
with a pocket and beautiful cards as well.
I used Kaiser Craft papers.
This is last years page and the pocket just to be
wild and crazy is on the left side.
Its a bit more collagy.
 I absolutely don't remember the papers, however
there is misting involved. oooooo
 oooooo got some graphic going on here and wow....
the pocket is back on the right side.
You can't make this stuff up people.
 Mixed it up a bit on 2010 with different shapes
and sizes. AND moved the pocket back
to the left side.
In my mind I must just automatically change them up.
I can't remember what I had for dinner the day before
and I'll be convinced I can remember which side 
to switch the pocket to after a year.
I know you're impressed.
Mostly in these years I used cardstock with just a bit 
of Christmas papers if I had any leftover.
Anyway I love Ali E. and her stuff and its a terrific way
to save your cards and toss the remains guilt free.
I save the letters and photo cards in the 
pocket and whack up the others and sadly those the 
signatures go so if that matters you may just want to pocket them.
If someone writes to me they're saved as well as I
usually try to put a personal note in mine as well because
sometimes that is the only contact we've had.

oooo and a challenge too - do up your own Christmas cards and start
a new scrappy tradition!


  1. Congrats! I always knew you were that windy LOL. Can't go wrong with Ali as inspiration. This idea was always cool to me and you rock it!!

  2. Congrats Lynn!! Love the pocket page idea, Looks awesome!!!

  3. 1000!!! That's awesome!
    I love saving your cards on a layout. I may have to follow your lead on this.

  4. YOU KNOW MY LOVE FOR ALI E. Therefore, my annual Christmas Card LO shall commence!!! Even though I don't scrap a lot anymore, this is one thing that I hold myself to yearly :)
    and I KNEW you had 1,000 blogs worth of words in there ;)

  5. Lynn, CONGRATS on 1,000 posts! I am so impressed that you have been blogging since 2007 too! And please don't pick me as the winner, because your lovely prize would absolutely be wasted on me. ;-)

  6. I love to see your Christmas card layout each year. I keep mine in hopes of following in your footsteps. Maybe this will be the year. ;-)


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