Thursday, January 8, 2015

Boca Grande field trip - Sunday drive

Got a page going on - didn't have time to
glue it all down.
So for your viewing pleasure.......

Going to date myself here but do you remember
Sunday drives as a kid?
Hated them - then.
Love them - now.
And everyone should start doing them again.
 Boca Grande is a great place to hang - there is a 
lovely beach but you have to watch out for the currents.
 Got a couple of posers hanging out - eagle eyed bird guarding the lighthouse
and the BIL, SIL came along for the ride.
Nothing better than family.
 Inside the far structure is a museum chockful of stuff,
but naturally the item that caught my eye was
a scrapbook of the history of Boca Grande.
It is beautiful and well documented and chockful of amazing photos
and information.
 Boca Grande was noted for housing the Calusa Indians and their fishing villages,
the discovery and mining of phosphate that was barged down to the inlet
for world wide shipment. The tarpon fishing is world renown and as well as one
of the best places for shelling.
The old phosphate dock.
 A view from behind includes the fresh water cisterns as Boca Grande
is a barrier island and that was hard to come by back in the day.
The second lighthouse reassembled in 1927 and relit in 1932 - 
works in conjuction as range lights with the pass lighthouse that was
first lit in 1890 - restored in 1985 and relit in 1986.
When sailors saw the 2 lights line up they knew to turn in the pass.

How cool is that.
In a nut shell.

You may see this in a page.
Just sayin....


  1. love the idea of Sunday afternoon drives~I think you have more to look at than we do. Great pictures, love the history too!

  2. I love Sunday (or any other day) drives! Beautiful pictures and what a nice family outing!


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