Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When the mojo is still on the lam

Scrap lift, hi jack or just try someone's style....
In my case I stalk er, hang about Soaphouse Mama aka Ashli Oliver's blog
and videos and I love her style.
And while I adore her style, its a challenge for me to do.
She uses a lot of pastels and white.
Dainty stuff. 
(side note: I'm so not dainty) LOL.
In addition, she also flings things on a page and makes them look awesome.
This page is not exactly a lift-lift - just more like her style.
As you will go see.
 So above is my version of flinging - and for the most part
I'm really really happy with it.
Although there is some part of me screaming they neeeeed to be anchored.
Its just my way.
However, I'm slowly getting over it....
 Ashli also uses dainty papers- and this one had pretty colored
really tiny hash tags on it.
I couldn't help myself, I had to fling some mist on there.
After the page was completed-mist and all,
 it still looked too white to me --so......
I broke out some Technique Tuesday stamps (I think) for faux sewing
and buttons. I don't stamp well - but that doesn't stop me.
And you shouldn't let it stop you.
Just sayin...
 And soft buttons, tags and die cuts.
And lots and lots of layers.
Looking at it now I could've used more layers behind the
photo, however, I'm down with what I have.
Notice I used a hashtag in the title that goes with the paper.
I love this page!!!
Random flinging and all.
It really was a lot of fun, and with my sense of alignment
 thrown to the wind, I just may do it again.

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  1. I Love Love Love this page and your new Hair Do also. I will need to one day soon try this style also. I have some Great Hash Tag stamps from Stampin Up.

  2. I really like the page Lynn, a bit different for you but you done good. But the hair Oh La LA, c'est magnifique. Looks awesome on you.

  3. Your "random flinging" looks pretty darn good to me! Love your new 'do too! :)

  4. You "fling" pretty good~ looks amazing, your hair and the page:)

  5. I love the new 'DO! New year, new 'DO!


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