Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whining about mojo. Again.

If you see it/encounter it/grab it please pack it up and ship it back.
I'm all good if its used. 
I'll pay the postage.

I seem to be having creative issues. 
I know it'll pass - but I want it to pass like yesterday.
I've tried all the standards:
New stuff

Even awesome photos aren't working their magic.

So I hope you hang in there whilst I work this stuff out.

There are some things on my to do list in the meantime:

1. Taking more photos because that wouldn't overwhelm the lack of creativity at all.
2. Learning Lightroom because Apple dumped Aperture much to my dismay.
And I can really wax a blue streak about that one.
3. Maybe head on back to and follow more leaves. 
Alot more stuff has been added to the archives and I know there's gold in there.

I did enter one of my photos in a photo contest.

Crossfit is rocking
That is going way better that I ever thought.
I have made some improvements that even blow me away.
And I feel terrific about that.
This is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I have a couple creative gifts I'm working on - and I'm hoping those will lead to a restoration of happy mojo-ness.



  1. It will come back and then you will be creating up a storm. Pictures always work for me :)

  2. just to make you smile look up mojo at Wikipedia, I didn't know how many different uses mojo had LOL Richard Sakker

  3. It looks like you have mojo to me, since I haven't even written a blog post at all since the end of December!

    And you GO GIRL on the Cross Fit! :-)


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