Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another Watercolor/Stamping Disaster made right

This is the page from yesterday where I had stamping issues. So I covered it up with white to get a clean slate And sworled some green around to help wipe out some of the black.

If you make your watercolors really really REALLY wet and smushy - you can do this............

Smush on the page.

Hold the paper up and wa-la - running paint. I cut the 12x12 down to 8x8 and used the "other" watercolor parts for the mats.

In putting the page together I flipped it so the watercolors were at the top. Just to amuse myself.

And that left the bottom clear for some neeting, fun fish, and bunches of anchors.

I adhered the bunches of anchors with modge podge; fling them about. It was fun......

And there's Quintin - quite the water bug with a great smile.
Most all again, are Studio Calico except for the
anchors and splats.
My pal Holli bought the 2 anchor punches (big and small) and a splat punch and did a punch
marathon and gave me 3 bags full.
I will be using them alot.
Because I have alot. :)
And that's awesome - because I don't have to punch them out.
The letters are SC and what were the odds that I'd have 3 A's.
Um...slim to none.
SOOOOOO I used a V and the dot for the I and/or J.

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  1. saved ~ looks great!! love the anchors clustered like tht!! and the pic is a winner:)


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