Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Orange, Pink and Blue with a side of cream & white

Perfect colors for this photo.
And isn't it a hoot.
Amelia being, well Amelia.
She's funny, loud, demanding, and goes for it.
And that made the title perfect.

I didn't do anything tricky here. 
Tricky has been well kinda tricky in working out for me.
So in full disclosure, once again, 
I had different papers and tried stamps
and paints with some less than stellar results.
I kept the paper, and have smeared gesso all over it.
Clean slate.
We'll see how that works out.
I believe everything on this is Studio Calico.
I broke out my quickutz 4x4 die for the snazzy arrow.

And the button at the top?
Says, Don't tell me what to do.
Remember the song "You Don't Own Me? by Leslie Gore....
Hook - and don't tell me what to do, 
don't tell me what to say
and please when I go out with you 
don't put me on display.

I LOVED that song when I was a kidlet.
And I know you'll thank me for having that tune in your head

You're welcome :)

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