Monday, July 21, 2014

The Title inadvertently matches some of the embellishments

Just occurred to me.....although potatoe / potahto.
Circles or rings.
Ring master.
Get it!!!
I can be sooooo witty.
or Not.
However I had the design going on with another title until my pal
April the titlemaker came up with ringmaster.
And it was like a head slappin' DOH moment as to why I didn't think of it.
And when I was looking for something witty as a title for my blog,
I happened to notice the similarity.
Clever eh?
Love the rings as an embelishment and whipped out the ole QK cookie cutters
and used each and every one of them on the page.
Everything except the thickers and washi is Studio Calico including the mr. Huey mist,
 and those stars came in this cute lil glassine package
 and I used every one of them too.
I'm totally on a roll here and using supplies.


  1. Love the circles and how they tie in to the oh-so-clever title. :)

  2. Love the title goes so cute with the page. I love using supllies too. then we can justify buying more!! Super cute Lynn!!!


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