Monday, July 14, 2014

Hanging by a thread

The Studio Calico paper was totally cool and came that way.
It was perfect for the photo.
I wanted to use something a bit more ethereal than twine.
I saw this somewhere, but for the life of me can't remember who or where
but the artist used thread and scattered and curled it about the page and it looked amazing.
 Therefore I decided to use thread being the copy cat that I am.
It was easy to adhere it behind the title that I have wanted to use forlikeever.
The thread  was put at the top left corner because it needed something.
So I adhered the thread behind the photo corner.
I tossed the thread upwards defying gravity and popped on some gold enamel dots
to help with the gravity thing.
I had the prima foliage with butterflies forlikeever and yay!!! Finally used it.
Love the photo.
 Ms. Amelia entranced by water.
Studio Calico for everything except: the doily, foliage, bow, tag and noteworthy paper.
I thought I saw the thread artist on google + and I've looked and looked.
If you know who it might be, please put her name in the comments so I give her credit.


  1. so pretty Lynn. Love the colors and the style~lovely!!!!

  2. You've totally blown me away with this gorgeous page, Lynn!


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