Monday, July 7, 2014

Using a hashtag in your title

OR a number sign.
 Depends on what era you're coming from.
Jill rocks the hashtags so I thought I'd take one out of her book and 
make the title a hashtag.
Love how it turned out because totally they could be #to be partners in crime.
Yup. They totally look up to no good. 
I have to hand it to August (the dog) she does look a bit more innocent.
Amelia is looking like the ringleader.
Just sayin.............

Anyhoo, Studio Calico, Recollections, twine.
Nothing tricky except for some layering going on
with some mists.
Love how fun it turned out.


  1. Look at how pretty this is with the leaves and flower and soft colors! Love it!

  2. Love how this turned out, so gorgeous!!!


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