Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Patching together a base page

That you can't see.
Because I didn't think to take a photo because
in the first design - 
you'd almost have seen it.
This is an 8x8 page.
Somehow when I whacked into it, it became a lesser size.
So I squared it off to 8x7.5 and used the remaining paper, the B side
and washi'd them together.
I then decided that looked really stupid and added some water colors
and running colors.
Found some vellum, the die cut and a photo and decided that
it needed to be over top the patch.
Because I found the awesome tag at the top and it took up room.

So that blue streak at the bottom is a studio calico stamp, along with 
everything else on the page except for the bazzill, qk die cuts and punches.
OH and I handwrote the title.
And I tried to go for a less beachy looking page. Not that I'm 
against beachy looking pages but I've done them the same way lots of times.
And I wanted something different.


  1. Such a great beach page, Lynn! Loving all of the little circles!

  2. love the cut out shapes and the hand written title~you have guts:):)


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