Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Love the sound of the rain.....

hitting the roof. Since I have no plans its all good.
I managed to squeak out a page.
This was a drive-by.
Just laid on my desk and everytime I walked by I
either threw something on it, rearranged it,
or took it all off and started again.
Love this photo. 
Its amazing what catches a toddler's eye and attention.
I know this'll surprise you.
I used Authentique-True Blue 
(I think that what its called - too lazy to get up).
I took my cue from her adorable blue jeans and it fit the bill perfectly.
I want to look that adorable in blue jeans.


  1. The blue was definitely the way to go, Lynn. I love it!

  2. LOL!! Pretty good for a drive by girl. Loving the blue and love Authentique, can't go wrong with them. Cute pic of a "little" :):)

  3. Beautiful layout! That blue color scheme is gorgeous. Love that cute picture too!

  4. teehee.."drive by"
    This is such a beautifil layout, Lynn! LOVE the blues and the picture is just soooooooo adorable!!!

  5. Your drive by is gorgeous ... love the blue and white in the background. Another beauty Lynn ... you do inspire me.


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