Thursday, October 25, 2012

Create Wish Play

This album is a result of a 30 day challenge called Learn Something Knew by Shimille. I stumbled on it because I was stalking Mz. Ashli over at the Purplemailbox, fascinated as she deconstructed a smash book. So I had a couple of Junkitz chipboard covers lying around and decided that I'd lift it. I really didn't want to be too obvious (as if that ever happened) so I named it something different. THEN I went back and re-read the post.

And being the copy cat that I am signed up for the class after a few hundred days of deliberation. And now I was coming from behind. And it was totally not what I'd thought it would be. Not like I had a firm idea of anything in particular - 
I was just surprised. 

I found a packet of 8x8 papers called the Daily Grind by Fancy Pants and felt that it fit the bill. I then used a swift approach and made all the pages and numbered them accordingly - employing the KISS method. 

I figured I would then go back, read the prompts and proceed to pile on. Fortunately, Mz. Ashli was way ahead and on one of her blogs was shop your stash. Whew! I needed to do that because obviously there was not going to be enough of that packet to go around.

So I know you're going to be surprised when I tell you that some pages are out of order - number wise. Well, I was reading a prompt and the lightbulb went off, looked back, got confused and realized - wrong day. 

Because I put together the bones first and never thinking that I'd screw it up, glued the numbers on. So okay, what was I thinking.

LMAO...because that's how I roll.  And it worked out more or less. Since it was only a couple of prompts I just rearranged the pages out of order. Ta-da problem solved. Although future generations my wonder about me.

And then I decided on some that I was really overthinking things. Like TOTALLY.

And you can kinda figure out where in the book I figured that one out.

Fortunately or not, I skipped around. Since I was behind anyway, I gravitated to the prompts that I could do without a lot of thinking and left the hard ones for last. Which in looking back was really, really a dumb idea. 
Shimelle does this every year and because you paid for this session - you get the rest of the years she does this challenge FREE. Good thing there's a whole year in between I can recharge for because some of the prompts got me.


  1. you almost have me sold to actually go and read all of the prompts and construct an album...oh....maybe.

    HILARIOUS that future generations MAY wonder about you *snort*

    Gorgeous album, I looked @ThePurpleMailbox as well, that smash journal deconstruct was magnificent!! I have some deconstructed stuff laying around already, I may have to peruse the prompts that I have started. (whichever sounds less lazy)

  2. Love reading your posts girl, you get to shakin' my head { in a good way| The album looks fantastic and for SB out of order :):) it will work, Shimelle has great classes. I have taken more than one and do what I can and don't let it stress me out!!

  3. Your commentary always kills me, Lynn. :) Out of order or not, I think it's fantastic!

  4. you are so funny! Love what you did with this! :)


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