Monday, October 15, 2012

View from our picnic table

at Knights Key campground on Marathon. We arrived at sunset and was playing with the camera settings.

And the light kept changing, keeping me on my toes.

All this fun happened the next morning, as I was drinking coffee. Watching the anahingas...

find a spot to spread their wings and sun.

And this dragonfly, clung to these weed like a long lost lover for most of the day. It was fascinating, because it did rain off and on.

And this heron was on the hunt for bugs and fish. 

 So I chased down some more critters.

A butterfly - 

A heron and his buddy stalking the waters.

A huge iguana that I thought was a fallen palm branch - look at the "spikes" on his back.

And this bright green one, hanging out. And man they are fast!


And sunset as the light changed.

I was unplugged the weekend except for a couple posts on FB and of course my camera. I didn't download any photos - waiting for the ride home, and of course my laptop was dying, and then there was the dreaded errors on your photos and they're not going to upload message. So I actually did the ON/OFF thing, reloaded, and managed to get them loaded and photoshopped BEFORE the battery died. I'm pleased to say the wildlife more or less posed till I got my settings the way I wanted to in some cases I actually had pix that needed minimal tweaking. I'm getting there.


  1. Gosh, these are breathtaking, Lynn! I especially love the last one and the reflection on the still water as the sun sets.

  2. love, love these. great pictures Lynn!!!

  3. Beautiful pics! I love looking at your nature photos.


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