Sunday, October 21, 2012

We started off the day with bunch ball

And boy did that bring back memories. Both my boys played soccer. Nick was especially good.

And it appears that Cavin is following in his footstepts. Two Goals. That boy rocked the field. Keep an eye on the number 6.

And he's really very humble and nonchalant about it.

And because he's a team player, I was actually amazed that these lil kidlets played in their zone, rather than bunching up altogether.

It was a beautiful day that made me wish I didn't wimp out and wear a short sleeve shirt. 
Of course on the sidelines, snacks and drinks are important and Miss Amelia was helping with the distribution.

Of course she had to mangle and test the product.

There was a lot of hanging around going on by players waiting on their turn on the field.
The costumes were purchased in a last minute flurry, and each character agreed upon in advance.

I was informed that there was much negotiation and bribing, but an accord was eventually agreed upon between the boys. All costumes were duly noted and remarked upon as we traversed the multitude that converged on the pumpkin festival. It appeared that the Avengers were sorely lacking and very popular. As were adorable octopuses. The kidlets had fun in acknowledging their role in the good guys win and rock the world in the scheme of things. And the crowd treated them as such.

Baby sister was a different story. Mom decided that she didn't have enough stress going on and making an octopus outfit would seal the deal. Grammy is proud to say that her stitching and glue gunning techniques were called into play and helped save the day. Sadly, gorilla glue would've suited better as Miss Amelia managed to UNDU all the buttons despite grammy's stunning and amazing glue gunning techniques.

So the Keene Pumpkin festival was going on. And it was decided that attending would be fun and costumes appropriate. Which was the cause of the pressure in the making and acquiring of said costumes.

It appears that this is a major festival and fundraiser for the teachers in Keene.

And for each pumpkin that was carved a dollar was donated.

Said amount is given to the Keene schoolboard.  As we traversed through the masses, there was a total of 29K+ pumpkins, resulting in a grand amount of 29k + being donated. There were some really cool and unique pumpkins.

And here we have some posers. It took a few snaps to get this one where all costumed kidlets actually LOOKED at the camera without attitudes. Patience grasshopper.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it what a great story, sounds like you all had fun..


  2. ah we who thrive on the thrill of adrenaline and stressed-out-ed-ness LOL LOL LOL
    looks like an awesome time! :)

  3. Totally adorable photos. What fun!

  4. loved looking at the photos:):):)You have some cuties there!!!


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