Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nothing inspires a great page

more than an amazing photo.
If you haven't checked out Jill's blog I'd
highly recommend book marking that baby.
I'm soooo lifting her photo ideas once I get the 
actual talent to do it.
So if you'll notice - not a flower on the page.
I'm quite pleased about that.
Tim Holtz all the way, except for the tag, leaf and thickers.
Oh and the adorable ruler and cog at the top is in M's in the bead area.
They're by Bead Landing and they're less expensive
 than some of TH's items but just as cool. 
It's cool I got to use a big fall leaf that I purchased in NJ. 
Since fall in Florida is when the yellow school buses come out.


  1. Loving the leaf like that_I'll check out jill, You always have excellent taste my friend!!!!

  2. I agree and that is an amazing picture! I love the flare in the corner-very cool. Great looking layout!

  3. I told Jill that I wanted and needed to be her BFF...too needy? LOL
    Love the photo as usual - and LOOK AT YOU ROCK WITH NO FLOWERS. I'm writing that down somewhere...

  4. This is fabulous! I will be checking out her blog...

  5. Fab page, Lynn! Love all the layers .. oh and of course this beautiful, huge photo!!! :)


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